There are water softeners and need of everyone to get best water softener reviews because everyone needs water to survive. It is important for all living beings. Plantations also demand water to live. Water is a necessity for everyone. Water is used for many household activities. But mainly, water is used for drinking. It is very important to look the quality of the water that we are using. Is it pollutant free? Does it contain any chemicals? These questions often arise in our minds. It is very important for us and family to use clean water that is fit for drinking. If the water we are using contains any pollutant or chemicals, we can make use of some water treatment systems like Water Softeners. This water softener makes water suitable for use. There are a lot of varieties for these water softeners, and it is very difficult for an individual to find a good quality water softener for home. This article will help you find the good one water softener. Here are some of the best water softeners listed below with their ratings and reviews. With the help of these points, you can easily buy a water softener that suited for you.

Comparison Chart Of Best water softeners


Fleck 5600SXT 48,000 grain water softener 

best water softener reviews A well-known brand and the most popular brand fleck with its water softener FLECK 5600 SXT grain Water softener is one of the suitable water softener manufacturers. It is a whole house water softener. It has good product quality. This water softener is designed to remove the hard water and make water suitable. This product eliminates the calcium or magnesium ions from the hard water, thus making it soft water and this process extends the life period of plumbing appliances. It is a very useful product, and one can regret after purchasing it. With the help of ion exchange process, it removes the calcium or magnesium ions from the hard water. There is a digital on-demand control which is useful for saving water as one can regenerate water whenever it is required to regenerate water. In case of high or less quantity of water required, it will regenerate water as per the required quantity. Fleck also provides a new digital control to the system which is built on 5600 valve. These valves come with five year manufacturing warranty. This controller has many features like Back lit LCD, touch pad controls, user friendly interface and a power backup of 48 hours. It also comes with a powerful tank which is also durable. This tank comes with ten years manufacturing warranty. There is safety float feature which avoids the overfilling and overflow drains, thus preventing water mess. It has an easy installation and takes about 1-2 hours. Overall it is great product, rated with perfect star rating by the customers as per reviews.

Nuvo H20 DPHB Home Salt Water Softener System

soft water systemOne more water softener system which makes water suitable is NUVO H2O Home Salt Water Softener. It is among the incomparable water softener but different from other water softeners. It has a very good quality. It is one the salt-free water softener systems. This water softener works with the process of chelation by lowering the pH of water. It also uses 20 inches salt-free cartridges. This cartridge requires replacement every six months. It doesn’t use water softener salts in the removal of calcium or magnesium salts from the hard water like other water softeners. Thus is not harmful to health. This water softener also prevents the scale build up. According to the home water softener reviews, it is the best home water softener. This is due to its compact size with a capacity of 50,000 gallons. It is eco-friendly, and it is harmless to the nature. The water flows at a rate of 15 g pm. Many people love this device and have given their reviews. It has good star rating and reviews as per the great water softener systems of last few years. This product is available in 3 exciting colors that are white, black and blue. Nuvo brand has been a good seller in the market due to the quality it provides. This product is known for its durability. The product comes with lifetime warranty. But if it is exposed directly to the surroundings, its warranty gets void. It is not suitable for outdoors.

Watts RV PRO-1000 OR M7002 10000 Water Softener

soft water systemThere is One of the good water softener systems, WATT RV PRO is also called M700. As it is a portable water softener, it is perfect for hard water issues in case of traveling. It ensures the safety of the customers by providing with healthy water by removing calcium or magnesium salts from the hard water, making it soft water. This product is bigger in size measuring 8 X 22 inches. This water is like most other water softeners which require salt for water softening process. Table salt for a water softener is required. Table salt is one the quickest water softener salts. Different water softeners use different types of salts. While traveling and carrying this water softener, you also need to carry the bags of salt with you. It also has an easy installation process. It hardly takes 15-20 minutes for the water to regenerate. For each and every regeneration process, one needs 2-3 pounds of table salt. This product has a good quality and is durable. It has a good rating based on the perfect water softener . This water softener is liked by many people, especially by the travelers. This product comes with some testing strips used for checking the effects it. This water softener is not meant for household use and is best suited for traveling purpose. This can also be used in  the house if you are living alone as it has a lower capacity. Overall it is a good quality product which provides safe and healthy water.

WaterBoss 220 22000 Grain Water Softener

best water softener on the market“Waterboss grain water softener” is one the perfect water softener. Its name Water Boss also suggests that it is the boss of water. It is one of the top rated water softener. It provides whole house efficiency in a house of 4. It has a capacity of softening 70 grains per gallon and reducing up to 10 ppm of ferrous iron. It can also filter the dirt and sediment it to 20 nominal microns. It can remove 22,000 grains. The rate of flow of water in the tank is 12 GPM. The featured model has a compact design which makes it easy to be installed. This model can also be installed in tight spaces. It is considered to be a water softening powerhouse due to its size and dimensions. It can regenerate water in about 17-18 minutes. It is water as well as time efficient. The product uses very less water. This product comes with a limited three year manufacturing warranty. The media tank and the outer cabinet come with limited ten years warranty. It is not suitable for outdoor uses. The product is manufactured in the USA. It is very easy to operate. The company provides a helpline number for any technical failure in the product. The helpline number is available from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. This product is one of the great sellers. It is available in 2 different color shades that are gray and beige. It is made with a plastic body material.

Morton Salt Msd34c Water Softener

most efficient water softenerHere is another good quality home water softener Morton Water Softener. Morton Salt Company is one the leading water softener companies. It is a salt water softener that uses Morton Salt which is the best salt for water softeners. Although it has a combined mineral and brine tank, it is not a small water softener. Rather it occupies less space than other water softeners. This water softener is somewhat expensive than other water softeners. It uses the common ion exchange method for softening the hard water. It replaces the calcium or magnesium ions with softer water ions like sodium ions, by passing the water through a water softener resin-containing resin beads. It requires an easy installation as it is provided with the installation guide. For saving water, the company features a Look Ahead technology which understands the water usage patterns of the given house and thus regenerates water according to it. This way it only regenerates water when it is required. It is thus a smart device. Thus, it considered being the most efficient water softener. This kind of devices which help in saving water, are the most required devices these days when there is a great of a need to save water. For bigger families where water consumption need is more, such kinds of water softeners are suited as they can remove 34,000 grains. Due to its high-cost people don’t prefer it more. It has thus an average star rating. But the people, who look health and environment as a priority, prefer these water softeners.

Aquasana EQ-SS20 Simply Soft Water Softener

top rated water softenersOne of the ideal water softener for hard water is Aquasana Soft Salt-Free Water Softener. It is a cheap water softener, liked by everyone. It is a saltiness water softener. It prevents the corrosion of plumbing appliances by using its SLOW PHOS Technology which conditions the water. It regularly checks the water and secures the funnels without using sodium. According to the water softener system reviews, this water softener is among the best water softener systems as it is eco-friendly. This Water softener device is a great product sold out these days. It has an impressive star rating as well. As it is affordable and eco-friendly, it serves to be the most suited water softener. Its installation process is very easy. One can easily install it with the help of a plumber. It is light weight. Its good quality makes it more durable. It is NSF guaranteed. Altering of ionic charge is done to soften the hard water. As it is a salt-free water softener, it doesn’t harm the environment. The water softener filter used in this water softener needs to be changed after six months. Most of the users are satisfied with the product and the company has become one of the leading brands of  the water softener. Based on the best water softener reviews of 2015, it is one of the ultimate water softener. The rate of flow of water is 7 GPM in the tank. It doesn’t require batteries to work. The product is good and comes with a one year warranty.

Iron Pro 2 water softener

electric water softenerA similar water softener to Fleck 5600 SXT, IRON PRO 2 WATER SOFTENER is a wonderful hard water softener. Among all the home water softener systems, it is top rated. With a powerful star rating, it is one of the most sold out water softeners. It has some similar features like Fleck 5600 SXT water softener. Like Fleck 5600 SXT, it also has many features like Backlit LCD,touchpad controls, user-friendly interface and a power backup of 48 hours with valve up to a 5-year manufacturing warranty. Like Fleck 5600 SXT, it is also popular brand and known for its product quality. It is easy to operate. It is water efficient as it contains a meter which regenerates the water and the regeneration of water is done whenever water is required. The quantity of water is also set according to that is if more water is required, it will regenerate more water and if water consumption decrease, less water will be regenerated and thus water can be saved. This water softener is ideal for common household uses. It can remove the hardness of water up to 75 GPG. It can also remove sediment, sand, rust and iron up to 7-8 ppm and manganese up to 6 ppm. Its weight is 200 pounds. The product comes with a five year manufacturing warranty with ten years of tank warranty. Overall the product has a good quality and a good public response.

Eddy Electronic Water Descaler Water Softener

commercial water softenerHere is another, cheap but good quality water softener available in the market, named Eddy Electronic Water Descaler water softener. It is also called EDDY Electronic water softener. It is an electric water softener. This water softener uses electromagnetic waves to reduce the calcium and magnesium ion contents in hard water without affecting its chemical hardness. As it is not an actual water softener, but is a type of water softening system which doesn’t completely remove the ions, but it reduces their effects, thus removes scaling in plumbing appliances. There is the use of magnetic waves in breaking down the scaling in plumbing appliances. As this water softener uses magnetic waves, it is also called as Magnetic Water Softener. Its installation is also very easy. Also, there is a great advantage that its installation doesn’t require any plumbing. It is an affordable water softener, Thus it the most sold out product these days. As it is not an actual water softener, its results are not as good as expected. In the case of less hardness in water, this type of water softening system is good suited. The company provides a one year 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime repair and replacement warranty. This water softener weighs 1.4 pounds. The product as a whole is perfect and uses the good quality material in manufacturing. This product is widely sold and used in many houses and industries since last 15 years and is a good product for use. It has many good reviews according to the water softener.

How do Water Softeners Work

Hard water basically consists of harder mineral ions like calcium ions or magnesium ions. When water is passed underground,

It carries with it these hard mineral ions like calcium or magnesium ions. These ions mixed with the water making it hard water, cause skin dryness, hair dryness and roughness in clothes. To avoid these things, hard water is softened by using water softeners. There is a large variety of water softeners available these days. It is very important to keep some things in mind before purchasing a water softener:

  • Always prefer a powerful water softener which can satisfy the needs of your family.
  • Always buy a water softener which can fit in your space.

Calcium and magnesium ions in hard water cause erosion in plumbing appliances and roughness in clothes making them look like worn out.

Water softeners destroy these hard mineral ions like calcium and magnesium ions in hard water. Grain removal decides the capacity of a given water softener. Some water softeners need salt for this process, and some of the water softeners don’t require salt for this water softening process. According to the salt less water softener reviews, salt less water softeners are more preferred than water softeners working with salt. There are also some portable water softeners which are easily carried from one place to another. These are suited for traveling purpose. All the water softeners vary from one feature or the other. There is also a size variation in water softeners. There are many artificial water softeners which are not considered to be water softeners, but they pretend to be a water softener. They also have the same function and working that is to destroy the calcium, magnesium and other hard mineral ions.

Water Softener Brands

Now days, there is a large competition among many brands and companies in selling their respective products. It is very difficult for an individual to choose one among a large variety of water softener brands. So here is list of top water softener brands:

best whole house water softener

Fleck: It is the top rated brand for water softeners. It is well known for its product quality and 100% product guarantee. It is one of the oldest brands in this profession. It is in the market for more than 50 years. This brand’s products are top rated and reviewed. Therefore, they have the ultimate water softeners in the market.

Morton: Like Fleck, it is also a well-known brand these days. It is among the perfect brands after Fleck. It is ideal known for its salt products. It is in the salt profession far the last 160 years. It is the leading salt producer in North America. There is a large public response towards this brand.

WaterBoss: World’s leading brand after Fleck, selling most of the salt-free water softeners is Water Boss. Their star ratings and public reviews are very impressive and amazing. This brand is one of the best soft water systems. Its product quality is quite amazing.

Aquasana: In providing safe and healthy water, this brand has been a major part. This brand produces most of the eco-friendly products. They are well known to the people and have a good product rating and public reviews, mainly due to its low and affordable cost. This brand manufactures its products with reusable parts, providing  a safer environment.

What is Water Softener?

water-softener-diagramWhile water is passed through an underground, it carries hard mineral ions with it. These may include calcium and magnesium ions. These cause skin and hair dryness, clothes roughness, erosion of plumbing appliances and much more. Also, while washing clothes or any other things in hard water with soap, lather is not formed. Only detergents form a lather in hard water. A Water Softener is a device or a tool that is used to soften the hard water make it fit for household uses. These water softeners work by ion exchange method. Mainly, these water softeners destroy hard mineral ions. In a water softener, there are two tanks:

  • Brine Tank
  • Water tank

There are resin beads in one of the tanks which have opposite charge polarity to that of calcium or magnesium. With the help of this opposite polarity charge, ion exchange method takes place, and hard mineral ions are replaced with the soft ones like sodium or potassium chloride.

Do I Need a Water Softener?

do i needIt is not necessary to have a water softener in your house. It only depends on whether the water in your house is hard or not. It is again not necessary to buy a water softener if hard water is being supplied in your home. It is only your will. Also, one should first check the level of hardness of water before buying a water softener. If the level is very less, one may ignore the need for a water softener, but if he wants to buy a water softener then always prefer the smallest one according to the level of hardness. But if the level of hardness is more then you must buy a powerful water softener that will satisfy the needs of your family. As discussed earlier, hard water has many consequences. So you cannot ignore the need of a water softener as “Prevention is better than Cure”.

What Is Hard Water?

HardvsSoftWhen water is passed through the ground, hard mineral ions get mix up with that water. These hard mineral ions may be calcium ions and magnesium ions. Also, when the rain comes, soft water droplets fall on the ground and these droplets get accumulate on the ground. Thus hard mineral ions get mix up with rain droplets also. This leads to the formation of Hard Water. This hard water affects 80-85 % of household. This hard water also causes erosion in plumbing appliances. Soaps are the sodium or potassium salts of long chain carboxylic acids or fatty acids. When these soaps are used for cleaning something in the hard water, their cleansing actions gets affected, and they form scum. Lather is not formed in the case of hard water. This causes a dull appearance of the clothes. Only detergents form  a lather in hard water. But these detergents are non-biodegradable in nature as detergents are ammonium or sulphonate salts of long chain carboxylic acids. Thus, we should avoid their usage. Also, hard water causes dryness of skin and hair. But as hard water contains minerals, some people prefer drinking hard water. It is healthy and sometimes a good flavor where as soft water is salty and is not always fit for drinking. The hardness of water is measured as:

  • Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Grains Per Gallon (GPG)

Mostly in houses, hardness level is between 3.5-10 GPG. Below 3.5 GPG, there is no negative effect noticed in hard water.

How to Test For Hard Water?

water-test-strip-300x300There are several ways to test the hardness of water. It can be a scientific method consisting of some tools and a kit, or it can be simple unscientific soap test that can be easily performed at homes. Firstly, if we go for the simple soap test, you just need a liquid washing soap and a small plastic bottle. Put few drops of liquid soap in the plastic bottle. Also, add some water that you want to test. Close the bottle and shake it well for few seconds. If there is lather inside the bottle, then the water is not hard water, but if lather is not formed, instead of a soapy film is formed then the given water is hard water. Also, you can go for a kit to test the hardness of water. If you are sure that the given water is hard water, you must measure the hardness of water. This can be done with the help of a DIY Test kit. These kits also help in detecting out any other issues in the water.

Types of Water Softeners

There’s only one type of water softeners that is the Traditional Water Softener. All the other standard water softeners are not the actual water softeners. Included in this, there are many other water softeners like an electronic water softener, magnetic water softener, and many others.

There are salt-free water softeners and water softeners working with salt. Salt-free water softeners simply condition and descale the water. They use Template Assisted Crystallization (TAC) for changing the hard mineral’s composition. Thus, the minerals don’t stick to each other as well as to the pipes.

Electronic water softeners use wire wrapping around the pipes. These work by changing the charge of the hard mineral ion. These are similar to the salt free water softeners as they also don’t soften the water, but only prevents sticking of particles to each other or the pipes.

There are magnetic water softeners which work with the help of electromagnetic waves and are similar to the electronic water softeners. These water softeners also prevent clogging in pipes and other plumbing appliances.

There are many other water softeners. Some are used for industrial use and are called as industrial water softeners. There are many commercial water softeners also available in the market. There are also some powders like Calgon water softener which when added to water, softens the water.

Common Water Softener Problems – Troubleshooting

Like other machines and gadgets, Water Softener is a discovery of men. It is also a complex machine and may suffer some problems. Some of the water softening providers provide technical assistance or any helpline number for any technical error in the water softener. But if the problem can be solved by you at home then there will be no need of the technician. But operating a complex machine is a serious task. It is not a childish task. So, one must think before to troubleshoot the problem. He must keep in mind that he must not do anything that will void the warranty of the product. One common problem in the water softener is that it may stop working at any time. So for this, you must check the following:

  • Bypass Valve: Make sure that the bypass valve is open, so that flow of water is not blocked.
  • Power: If your water softener is a power running water softener then make a check whether the power is on or not.
  • Brine Tank: Make sure whether there is enough salt in brine tank or not.
  • Manual Regeneration: Start the manual regeneration cycle by pushing the liver on the control box.

There are some more problems which a person can solve without the help of a professional or a technician. These include:


Salts and Mineral flowing through the pipeline may sometimes get accumulated and block the way, thus blocking the flow of water in the brine tank or in the filter. A difference in the softening process, says decrease in the quantity of water softened, can indicate the blocking. This can be solved easily by removing the build-up or salt that has blocked the way. But you have to firstly turn off the water supply.


Using wrong quality of salt may cause salt bridges to form. These salt bridges can also be formed due to high humidity in the place where the softener is installed or the temperature of water. These salt bridges can stop the regeneration cycle as the salt bridges don’t allow water and salt to mix up. This is a somewhat difficult task to solve. So, it is advised to take the help of a technician, but if you want to solve it yourself then with the help of a broom break the crust of the salt bridge and then clean it.

Failure of Motor

The Motor is an essential part of a machine or device. So, when the machine is not starting, the failure is in the motor which is not going to be solved by self. It is recommended to call the technician or a professional.

User Error

The man is a statue of mistakes. While operating the machine, he can undergo several mistakes leading to the user error. Most of the water softeners are easily operated but there are some complicated water softeners which need to be operated by following the user’s manual. But people think they are smart and don’t follow the user’s manual for operating the machine which leads to the user error. So to avoid this, one must follow the instructions in the user’s manual and only after proper understanding, the water softener must be operated.

All these methods might be helpful to you. But in the case of any major problem, refer to the professional or the technician.

Water Softener Maintenance and Tips to Keeping It Healthy

A water softener just requires a little maintenance to withstand for long. It is also important to have daily checks on your water softeners. Some of the commonly asked questions and their answers are listed below which will help you in maintaining your water softener.

How often must salt be added?

For all the water softening systems, saltly is very much important. For regeneration process, salt must regularly be added. The daily salt requirement of the water softener depends on the following:

  • Brine tank size
  • Level of Hardness of water
  • Members of family
  • Average water consumption for household activities.

Water consumption can be determined by the no of family members in a given house.  According to it the size of the water softener is required and according to the size of the device, salt is added to the given device. This way salt requirement can be judged. But it is a long and tiring process. So these days water softeners with valve control panels are available. These valve control panels understand the daily household consumption of the given family and accordingly regenerate the water.

What quantity of salt must be kept in brine tank?

The brine tank should be quarterly filled with water softening salt. Also before adding more salt to the tank, there shouldn’t be any previous salt left in the brine tank. There shouldn’t be water in the brine tank above 12 inches high.

What is the salt quantity required for water softeners?

Each water softener needs different salt type as well as quantity. It depends on the consumption of water. 10-11 pounds of salt is required as an average.

Some Tips to Remember:

  • Iron remover salt pellets should be used. This will prevent sediment build up in the brine tank.
  • Cleaning of the brine tank should be done after a year of use.
  • Resin bead should be cleaned with iron-out.

The Bottom Line

So from the above article, you know very much about a water softener, its types, its requirements and much more. From this, you can also judge for the best water softener. In this article, we have provided you with the top rated and commonly sold eight acceptable water softeners. Also, we can conclude that among all the provided water softeners, Fleck is the top brand for water softeners. It is selling the water softeners for many years. There are many other water softening systems in the market; you can buy as per your requirement.So, you may sit care-freely and order any one water softener.But if you want to buy the fine quality product then you are at the right place and have no option for all other water softeners. There is this guide Based on research, and best water softener reviews are given on this place with ideas of dealing with water filters.